Bjelašnica – Top Destination: “Islamic Travels” Invites Muslims to Spend Winter Vacations in B&H

BjelašnicaIf you want to enjoy fun time during the winter season and vacations less expensive than the ones in Europe, visit the mountain Bjelašnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina – recommends the tourist agency “Islamic travels” from London which recommends the sites to visit around the world that are in accordance with the Muslim regulations and standards – reports the news agency Patria.

Besides Bjelašnica, this agency also recommends other BH mountains like Igman and Jahorina as well as rivers and vaste forests.

On their official website “Islamic travels” they describe B&H as a tamed country which offers natural beauty and unforgettable fun time during the winter season.

Further more, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with 600 years of Islamic tradition in the heart of Europe – writes “Islamic travels”.

(Source: gobih.ba)

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