Bjelašnica Offers More Than Winter Tourism

[wzslider]The decision of the Canton Sarajevo Minister of Transport Jusuf Bubica to link the bus lines to Bjelašnica with Sarajevo was the right move, since finally nature enthusiasts and hikers received the most practical way to reach Igman and Bjelašnica throughout the entire year, and not just during winter, to enjoy nature.

The bus on Saturday and Sunday to Bjelašnica has its own passengers, confirmed by last Saturday when 25 students from the elementary school “Džemaludin Čaušević” went by bus to Bjelašnica with their teacher. Apart from them, there were also older people who are nature lovers and hikers.

Confirmation that this mountain is not just a winter tourist destination, in addition to elementary school students, were the number of visitors who enjoyed the nature by walking along the hiking path, which is 2,7 km long, to the stone amphitheater.

In addition to walking, cycling or quad sport can be a part of the recreation on Bjelašnica. Women from Lukomir and Umoljani offer Bjelašnica grass teas, handmade woolen socks and women’s scarves embroidered in colorful floral motifs on a clean white cloth. These scarves are decorated with embroidery that are a part of the former national costumes worn by women from villages in Bjelašnica.

(Source: Fena)

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