“Bisnode“ allowing the Verification of Partners and organizing a Successful Business Networking

bisnode bhBisnode BH, the European creditworthiness agency is organizing the business networking Bisnode Speed Networking on Tuesday 22nd September in the gallery of the hotel Europe, with the aim of the expansion of the network of qualitative contacts for participants with possibilities of checking the creditworthiness of the potential partner on the spot during the event for free. Networking will last from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Bisnode Speed Networking aims to bring together entrepreneurs, to give an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience. It enables the presentation of enterprises, products and services, ideas as well as acquiring new business experiences. Each participant of the Business Speed Networking has an opportunity to hold a short 1 to 1 meeting. Within two hours, participants have an opportunity to meet up to 15 potential partners, and the possibility to make a business is 36%. Bisnode Speed Networking became the most effectively used work time for representatives of the enterprises and institutions. The event Bisnode Speed Networking is free and available to all.

Bisnode also enables the checking of the potential partners. That is why in the hotel Europe, during the event, the password for was opened, in order for participants to be able to check with whom they are talking, how are they financial reports for 2014 and what the possibility of the account blockade in the next year is.

Bisnode, the creditworthiness agency of business information that covers the region with its services is present in 17 countries of the Europe, It is a leading provider of business and creditworthiness information, and since 1989 it is a reliable partner to small, medium and large enterprises, banks, insurance companies and leasing companies throughout the Europe.


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