“Bimal“ among the most Successful Companies in B&H

bimal2Minister of the Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, Mirko Sarovic assessed yesterday that the Factory of edible oil Bimal from Brcko is one of the most successful economy entities in B&H, which significantly affects the foreign trade balance of the country.

He reminded on the strong penetration to the market of Turkey with which B&H has an agreement on the free trade when it comes to il.

“Export is rapidly increasing and already reached an enviable level, thus this company significantly improved our negative balance with Turkey, especially with the export of oil, which reached 40 tons“, said Sarovic.

He expressed the hope that a good result will be achieved by the export of sugar as well, promising that the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H will follow what this company is doing and promised to help it to penetrate other markets of CEFT.

The High Representative in B&H, Valentin Inzko, after he visited this company with Sarovic, said that the key for the success is for B&H to has more companies such as Bimal and more successful municipalities such as Derventa, Gradacac or Gracanica.

“Although all starts with the small and medium enterprises, I am happy that we are here today, near the farm that has 500 workers, and exports not only to the region but to China as well“, emphasized Inzko.


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