Billionaire Richard Branson doubles Workspace and hires new Workers in Tuzla

The Virgin Pulsea product is a unique and innovative digital platform used by companies and corporations in various industries to promote healthy living among its employees.

The platform, established and developed in Tuzla, is used around the world, with 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies in the list of the most successful global companies.

Using their product, employees are encouraged and rewarded for leading a healthy lifestyle, which involves introducing physical activities into their daily routine, adopting healthy eating habits, and maintaining quality social interaction among colleagues.

Virgin Pulse previously said they intend to be one of the leading companies in the IT sector in the next few years, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the entire region, BiznisInfo reports.

Richard Branson previously took over Tuzla-based firm Pixel Interactive, which employed about 100 young and educated people, which became part of the Virgin Group and changed its name to Virgin Pulse Bosnia.

The company has announced that it will double its Tuzla workspace to 2,300 square meters, and will hire another 15+ software engineers.


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