Billiard European Competition in Sarajevo

bilijarCity of Sarajevo soon will host three Billiard European Competition.

The best billiard players are already arriving in the capital city of BiH, and tomorrow begin the European tournament in category of billiards for cadets and juniorsEuropean Youth Championship”.

After the competition for young billiard players will follow the European Competition for seniors “Euro tour”, that will be held in six European countries, where will participate the best players.

The President of the Billiard Club Predator and one of the organizers of the tournament Ramiz Turulja said at today’s press conference that these tournaments are a great promotion of Sarajevo and BiH.

He thanked the President of the European Federation of Billiard (EPBF) Gre Leenders, who decided to organize the tournament in Sarajevo.

“After last year’sEuro tourwhich was held in Sarajevo, Leenders even this year decided that the prestigious competition to be held in our city instead of Paris. The organization of these competitions is the crown of our many years work”, said Turulja.

In the tournament for the younger categories will participate 22 players from BiH, in the senior championship about 20, while for theEuro tour” also will be several representatives of our country.

Leenders said that the organization of last year’s “ Eurotoura” in Sarajevo was excellent, and that has caused the return of the competition in BiH. He believes that Sarajevo could get the organization of male and female competitions and tournaments for players in wheelchairs for 2015.

Competition tournament for youth categories, officially, starts tomorrow, and the entrance is for free. Revue part of the tournament will be held on 31st  July at Coloseum Club Sarajevo.

(Source: Fena)

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