Bilingual Program in Bosnian and French Language to be introduced in Sarajevo School?

The Francophone bilingual program will be realized in the Gymnasium Obala in Sarajevo from the next school year 2018/2019, which will enable students of the first year to attend classes in both Bosnian and French language, with the support of the French Institute in BiH. This was announced by Benjamin Hedzic, the Director of Gymnasium Obala.

“Thanks to this accelerated education, students of the bilingual program will receive an international diploma of the French language DELF at the end of the year,” said Hedzic, and added that besides the classes of French language and literature, students will study other subjects in French language as well, such as mathematics.

“The German language has been studied in the Gymnasium Obala over the last three years, and now we managed to realize the cooperation with the Embassy of France in BiH, which will enable revitalization of this language that has been studied in Sarajevo in the past,” said Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo, Elvir Kazazovic.

“Your gymnasium joined a family of 275 million people who speak French language, and your country will have an increasing need for people who speak our language without any doubt,” said the Ambassador of France in BiH, Guillaume Rousson.

He added that the Embassy of France in BiH and the Institute obliged to provide textbooks for future students, and they will also receive help from lecturers from France.

(Source: klix.ba)






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