Bikers are selling Cakes to buy Presents for Orphan Children

bikersMembers of Zenica motorcycle club “Condor MC” organized sale of cakes to raise funds for the purchase of presents for orphan children from the Children’s Home “Dom porodica” in Zenica.

According to one of the members of the MC Condor from Zenica, Emir Mahmutovic, this is a traditional activity of members of this club.

“We came out on the street in order to collect money by selling cakes and brighten at least one day of our children who are without parental care. We are fighting to brighten their days, so that they could forget about their problems at least for a short period of time,” said Mahmutovic.

Activity of MC Condor lasts for ten years in which they raise funds by selling cakes in order to buy presents for children from PI “Dom porodica” from Zenica, for children without parental care, and they hand them over before the New Year holidays dressed as Santa Clauses on motorcycles.

“This is a traditional activity that we perform every year besides some other activities for the benefit of our people and our city, and they can see us on motorcycles and realize that we are not like this or that. We sell cakes that are made by our wives, and people can give us as much as they want, because that money will not go into our pockets but for children from the Children’s Home “Dom porodica” in Zenica,” said Mahmutovic.

Zenica bikers organized the sale at the Square of Alija Izetbegovic in Zenica, where they sold cakes to collect as much money as possible for presents for children without parental care, after which they will deliver them and attend the events that is organized in honor of bikers every year.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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