Bikers from Srebrenica and Belgrade to travel to Tunisia with Flags of BiH and Serbia

April 15, 2018 2:00 PM

Biker Ahmed Ustic from Srebrenica and biker Pedrag Matijasevic from Belgrade are preparing for a journey from Srebrenica to Tunisia.

They will travel on their motorbikes, and with Ahmed will travel his wife Sanela. They will depart from Srebrenica on April 19, and they covered all the expenses from their personal funds.

Ahmeh Ustic said that he met Pedrag thirteen years ago in Mostar and that they are inseparable friends ever since.

“The main goal of our trip is socializing and rest. We will travel with the flags of BiH and Serbia. We want to destroy all prejudices in people, and especially young people. Our trip represents one kind of a contribution to mutual coexistence. Our message for young people is that you can do everything together with everyone, and especially when it comes to sports, culture and business. We are doing this to show young people that it is not a big deal to see a Bosniak and Serb driving together,” said Ustic.

“We will be staying there for five days, and we have no goal. We will drive and when we need a break, we will stop and  maybe sleep in the hotel, and maybe under the open sky. It will be a really relaxed type of journey. I am very interested in the history and culture of Tunisia. My desire is to drive a motorcycle through Sahara,” said Ustic.





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