BiH’s Domestic Brand ‘No1’ exports to the EU and Middle East

No1 brand sports equipment from Travnik was founded in 2016 and in the first year, it became an official partner of the Basketball Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose equipment was worn by all selections of basketball teams of BiH.

For a very short time No1 has been recognized as a domestic brand and has become recognizable in the world of sports.

In an interview for the portal, Edin Goran, the company’s director, said the cooperation came at a time when they all left.

“At that time, we invested money in equipment and what we could offer at that moment. Cooperation lasts for three years on the basis of mutual support,” he says.

Three years later, their equipment is worn by all the more successful clubs and representations in BiH and the countries of the region, and also for the world-famous brands.

The owner of the brand is the company Hasky sport, which for the last three years, has invested several millions in the brand.

Currently, they have around 70 employees and focus on hiring young people who show great interest in the job.

The development plans of the company are great. Since BiH is a small market, the company is already operating in the territory of neighboring countries and the European Union.

The brand is already recognized in the European Union market and ranked in the same line with other world brands.

Their equipment is currently sold on the markets of Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. In addition, they also export to the USA, Canada as well as to the Middle East.

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