BiH’s CoM paid Money promised to Srebrenica Municipality

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) Council of Ministers has paid 500,000 BAM on the account of Srebrenica municipality, the money that was promised three years ago.

The head of Department of Finance of Srebrenica Municipality Davor Maksimovic confirmed this information for local media.

Three years ago, Prime Minister and now President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic promised five million euros as help to Srebrenica, and these funds were immediately paid, and last year, all projects funded by these funds were completed.

The Republika Srpska Government also respected its promise to assist Srebrenica in various forms in the amount of two million BAM, while the funds of the BiH Council of Ministers were paid in October this year.

According to the mayor of this municipality Mladen Grujicic, the money will be spent on four projects decided by the local parliamentary decision, namely asphalting of one kilometer of the local roads: Jadar-Karno, Prohici-Urisici and Peci-Nogacevici and the installation of new elevators in Srebrenica residential buildings.


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