BiH Will Soon Receive an Unmanned Aircraft

bespilotna-letjelica-bramorBiH will soon acquire sophisticated unmanned aircraft, according to ‘Dnevni Avaz’.

This is an aircraft specially designed for special thermal and orthographic recording of fires that can be seen from the air, as well as other important purposes.

This is an aircraft type Bramo, which is currently produced in Slovenia, weighs several kilograms with highly sophisticated cameras to capture large areas of territory.

Together with Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Greece, BiH is participating in a joint project of EU funds “IPA Adriatic”, which is based on the development of models for the prevention of large forest fires under EU standards.

The BIH Project passed into the second cycle of technical evaluation in Brussels. An EU source told Dnevni Avaz that the project is worth 10 million euros, and research institutions from partner countries are in charge of the project.

The official presentation will take place in September, where more details will be revealed. Sophisticated drones will improve access to prevention of forest fires.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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