BiH will soon lose up to 30,000 People a year based on natural growth

Demographic analyst Adnan Fehratbegovic pointed out that in Bosnia and Herzegovina last year, the difference between the number of births and deaths was 16,809. He warned that demographic processes would worsen further.

Fehratbegovic emphasized that he used the data of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He reminded that the difference in 2019 was close to 10,000, and a year earlier, as he estimated, a tolerable 6,000.

“So every year the situation gets worse,” he adds.
He also singled out worrying data for this year.

“According to preliminary data from the first half of 2021, the difference between the number of deaths and newborns will grow even more than the record black 2020 and will certainly exceed 22,000. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska cumulatively record 6,200 in the first six months and compared to 2020 and it is to be expected that this difference will still wait until the end of the year. In short, Bosnia and Herzegovina may have 25,000 more deaths than births in 2021, “he said.

According to Fehratbegovic, in the coming years this difference could grow even more, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina over three or four decades there could be 30,000 more deaths than births.

“We will lose 30,000 people a year, based only on natural growth. Add to that huge migrations and then Bosnia and Herzegovina is threatened by an unprecedented cataclysm,” he warned, Klix.ba writes.

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