BiH will be the Part of Global Digital Heritage

The Spanish archaeologist and scientific director of a non-profit private research and education organization devoted to documenting, monitoring and protecting the global cultural and natural heritage Global Digital Heritage (GDH) Victor Menchero will host a lecture on digitization of cultural heritage with the latest technologies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo.

Menchero will present the scientific research work from virtual archeology, numerous 3D models of cultural heritage that worked within the GDH, as well as a plan for digitalisation of the BiH cultural heritage in cooperation with the Digitization Digitization Association.

“In the face of an increasingly hostile world, a global landscape where conflict, natural disasters, and rapid environmental changes are destroying our shared heritage at an accelerating rate, we provide 3D digital services to document and preserve places and specimens critical to our global heritage. We do this for free. We then return all of the data and results to the host institution or regional/local authorities who can do anything they wish with the materials,” was stated.

Global Digital Heritage (GDH) is a not-for-profit, private research and education organization dedicated to documenting, monitoring, and preserving our global cultural and natural heritage.

“We use digital visualization, 3D virtualization, geospatial informatics, and open access solutions to provide digital data and 3D models to governments, regional institutions, museums, local scholars, and the public. A key element of our mission is the democratization of science-we make all data freely available to the world in support of cultural heritage, heritage management, education, public access, scientific research, and to enhance the digital humanities.”


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