BiH was a Great Host for Mundijal Juniors

rukomte bh. junioriHandball Federation of BiH and the junior team of the country has shown over the past 14 days how to organize a big competition, and how that looks when it plays one of our selections.

Since this country exists as an independent and sovereign, no any of our sport selection teams, did not take part in the World Cup.

Since 1992 and on, we have never had a chance to compete with Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Congo and all those in kind of tournament competitions, until 24 best junior handball teams of the world have not played at the Mundial in BiH.

There was needed a lot of work, passion and resources. People gathered around football and the Union, know the best what that means and during the last 15 days they had a lot of work to do.

From the moment that from Greece lost the battle for household SP 2011th, through the preparatory work for this 2013, to the final match in which Sweden won against Spain (28:23) as well as Denmark, got the title of the most talented players born from1992 and on.

Our alliance reaped the title for almost perfect organization (with the exception of an incident in Banja Luka when was permitted to bring a banner with the image of war criminal Ratko Mladić), what else can we say about our young handball hope.

Ivan Miličević, Stefan Janković, Petar Bubalo, Elvis Memić, Damir Halilković, Denis Serdarević, Tarik Kasumović, Josip Perić, Nemanja Bezbradica, Dejan Malinović, Elmir Građan, Ivan Milas, Josip Ereš, Said Ajkunić, Muhamed Zulfić, Josip Čavar i Damjan Sarać worked hard and showed something that rarely we had chance to see.

With their performances in just two days raised on feet the whole country, intrigued dormant and hopeless sports fans, especially handball fans, and for all that were honored with the title “The pride of the state”.

The objective of junior handball team with the selector Zdenk Grbavac was the quarterfinals, but  they did not achieve it because they were eliminated by Egypt from the round before. In the end, they were on14 place, but only lost two games in the regular season, with Slovenia (24:28) at the group stage, and with Germany (28:29) in a match for the placement. Handball in BiH definitely has a good future.

(Source: Daily Avaz)


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