BiH in the top 5 Trade Partners of Montenegro

“In 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was among the top 5 trade partners of Montenegro, ahead of some other regional countries, such as Croatia,” it is writen according to the data of the Montenegrin Statistical Office Monstat.

BiH was placed as the second in terms of export value from Montenegro, and the fifth in terms of import value.

Montenegro’s exports of goods in 2017 amounted to 371.1 million euros, and imports of 2.3 billion euros. Compared to 2016, exports were higher by 13.9 percent, and imports by 11.7 percent.

In 2017, Montenegro has exported most to these countries:

Serbia 66 million euros

BiH 47,2 million euros

Hong Kong 31,7 million euros

Hungary 31,6 million euros

Kosovo 22 million euros


Montenegro has imported the most from these countries:

Serbia  495,5 million euros

China 221,4 million euros

Germany 196 million euros

Italy 168,5 million euros

BiH 152,6 million euros


Interestingly, BiH had a bigger export to Montenegro than Croatia, whose economy is more developed than ours.

Exports of BiH to Montenegro rose last year by about 40 million euros, as in 2016 they were 111 million euros.



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