BiH to increase Export of Milk and Dairy Products to the EU?

The European Commission adopted a decision according to which they put BiH on A and B lists of countries that are allowed to export all types of milk and dairy products to the EU. The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic, stated that this decision is very important for our country, and that it will result in an important increase in exports.

It is an important thing that BiH is included on the A and B list for exports of milk and dairy products, especially considering the fact that it is a product of high health risk and this is not easy to achieve.

The export of raw milk is the A list, and Minister Sarovic noted that this is not the export priority of BiH.

“The export of raw milk is not a priority of BH producers, but fulfilling the conditions for that segment as well shows how much we have actually done. BiH is export-oriented towards processed milk. Therefore, the B list is more important for us. These are products with mainly lower degree of processed milk.

BiH exported around 60 million BAM of milk in the EU and CEFTA countries on an annual basis.

“So far, BiH imported more than exported, when it comes to milk and dairy products. We will see all the benefits of this decision in the year of 2019. We will reduce this imbalance when it comes to imports and exports of milk and dairy products,” said Minister Sarovic.

According to some unofficial information, only one EU member state voted against putting BiH on the A and B list.

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