BiH takes over SEECP Chairmanship from Slovenia

Yesterday, BiH took over the Chairmanship of the South-East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) from Slovenia in Brdo near Kranj.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, said that the one-year chairmanship over the largest regional forum will represent a large obligation and a great incentive for contribution to regional cooperation.

In his addressing, Zvizdic noted that main goals of SEECP are, among others, the strengthening of security, stability, a good political environment, as well as strong economic relations and cooperation in the fields of democracy and justice. He further stated that BiH, within the SEECP mission, will support the strengthening of human resources, the fight against prohibited activities and terrorism, and all of that in order to transform the region into an area of peace and stability.

“We have the capacity and the will to join the forces that will make Southeast Europe more positive example of successful regional cooperation, good infrastructure and friendly relations. BiH is determined to continue with the process of strengthening regional cooperation, because it represents a ‘condition without which is impossible’ to create stable and safe regional environment, which, on the other hand, is one of the preconditions for economic development,” stated Chairman Zvizdic.

“SEECP countries in the region launched a political initiative and took over the ownership of different processes in the region, created ideas of peace, security, good neighbourly relations and economic development through efforts on leaving behind instability, conflicts and collective apathy in order to become a constructive partner to Europe,” said Chairman Zvizdic.

He added that BiH has a very clear and strong interest for stable and progressive Europe.

He further noted that membership in the EU represents the highest priority of foreign policy of our country, as well as our strategic goal.

The SEECP was founded back in 1996 at the initiative of Bulgaria under the name Balkan Initiative, and its aim is strengthening of economic and political co-operation, improvement of good neighbourly relations and fight against organized crime, as announced by the Council of Ministers.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)



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