BiH submitted Applications for Three Projects in Brussels

The Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH, Ismir Jusko, participated at the 13th annual meeting of ministers of SEETO and the first meeting of the Ministerial Council of the EU – Transport Community of Western Balkans, which was held on December 6, in Brussels.

At the meeting of ministers of SEETO, Minister Jusko noted that, among other things, the undeniable priority after SEETO is closed will be the mutual interconnection with the TEN-T network of the European Union, i.e. the expansion of the Comprehensive and the Basic Network in the Western Balkans. In this sense, the Ministry of Communications and Transport, i.e. BiH, will undertake all the measures in order to achieve this goal with the support of the European Commission.

He presented projects and submitted applications for three projects to Commissioner Bulc: Route 2A, solution of the approach to the border crossing on the road E-661- with the value of 1,022,055 EUR, Route 2A, solution of the approach to the border crossing on the road E-661 for the bridge Gradiska – with the value of 5.110. 027 EUR, and Route 2b, the reconstruction of the section of the road E-762, Brod on Drina (Foca) – Hum (Scepan Polje), including the interstate bridge between BiH and Montenegro – whose value is 19,836,178 EUR, with which was confirmed the full commitment to the implementation of the three priorities that were set up by the European Commission: the integration of border-control operations, road safety and the efficiency of the transport network and transport services.

At the end of his presentation, Minister Jusko informed ministers and participants of the meeting that BiH will comply internal mechanisms to European standards, with the aim to make the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement easier by calling for joint work on the realization of the short and long term goals of each signatory party.

Minister Jusko and Secretary Pejic held a meeting with the Director General of EUROCONTROL Franko Brenner and the management of EUROCONTROL on the margins of the ministerial meetings.


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