BiH Students who won Five Medals welcomed in Sarajevo

Bosnian Herzegovinian primary school students who won five medals in Cyprus in the Balkan math competition arrived at the Sarajevo airport.

“We were in Cyprus for five days, we won five medals, the team has six members and two leaders, and only one competitor has not won a medal, with the number of points we are the fifth country in the competition and the better were the Romanians, Bulgarians, Greeks and Serbs,” Milisav Knjezevic, deputy leader at the Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympics of Elementary Schools, told Klix.ba news portal.

A total of ten Balkan countries and ten guest states competed.

“The number of points grows over time and this is a reflection of working with these children,” Knjezevic said

Bronze medal was won by Abdullah Fehratbegovic, Asja Catic, Tadija Matic and Ervin Macic, while the silver was won by Benjamin Mujkic.

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