BiH Statehood Day and Nov.26th as Non-working Days

At its session, the Federal government adopted the Decision on proclaiming a November 26th a non-working day in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As explained, November 25th is BiH Statehood Day, and this year it falls on Sunday, and given the importance of the First Session of ZAVNOBiH, and 75th anniversary of this historically important event, it was decided that Monday, 26th November is a non-working day in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BiH was defined as a single state in which all people have the same rights at the first session of the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of B&H (ZAVNOB&H) on the 25th of November 1943, which was held in Mrkonjic Grad.

The decision on the constitution of B&H as an equal federal unit in the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia was made.

Founding Assembly was attended by 247 delegates from all parts of BiH, 173 of which had the voting rights.

Delegates adopted the Resolution of ZAVNOBiH and Proclamation to the People of BiH in which was emphasized that only ZAVNOBiH and AVNOJ can represent B&H and its people, at home or abroad, in the future period.

This document also expressed the determination of people from B&H that “their country, which is neither Serbian nor Croatian nor Muslim, but Serbian and Croatian and Muslim together, is a fraternal community in which will be provided full equality to all Serbs, Muslims and Croats.”

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