How do BiH and Sarajevo look like from a height of 33km?

Thanks to “high altitude balloons,” today it is relatively easy to create a photograph of your city or favorite island from an altitude of over 30 kilometers.

A year after the first feat, which resulted in a fascinating video of the launch to the Earth’s stratosphere, a group of enthusiasts from BiH repeated the feat by sending a camera to an altitude of 33 kilometers.

The group, sarcastically named “Flat Earth,” this time secured video in high, 4K resolution and 360-degree photographs. Before everything is done and released to the public, the team released several photographs in which Sarajevo, a part of BiH, and the Adriatic coast alongside the island Brac are visible.

The Xiaomi Yi camera took the pictures on July 22. The balloon took off from Trebevic Mountain and exploded at an altitude of 33,5 kilometers. The recording equipment was found very quickly.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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