BiH received Three more National Monuments

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments held its 22nd session.

Chairman of the Commission Radoje Vidovic and members Prof. Dr Amir Pasic and Goran Milojevic made decisions on proclaiming following goods as national monuments of BiH:

  1. Movable Good – Torah, which is preserved in the City Library of Olovo, the Municipality of Olovo
  2. Cemetery ensemble – Jewish cemetery at the locality of Boric in Tuzla, the city of Tuzla and
  3. The architectural ensemble – the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo with a mobile heritage, the Municipality of Centar, Sarajevo

Members of the Commission adopted amendments to the decision on proclamation of the historic ensemble – villa of Emerich Pascol in Banja Luka, and amendments to the decision on proclamation of the architectural ensemble – Monastery Ozren, with frescoes, in Bosansko Petrovo village, with which the measures for the protection of these goods were redefined.

Representatives of the international community in BiH also attended the 22ndsession, together with members of the Commission, as announced by the Commission to Preserve National Monuments.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)

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