BiH Prosecutor’s Office takes over Case of Murder of David Dragicevic

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after considering the submitted case files from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka and the Republika Srpska Prosecutor’s Office, Special Department for Combating Corruption, Organized and Serious Forms of Economic Crime, has decided to take over the David Dragicevic case.

The case that has been taken over from the Banja Luka District Prosecutor’s Office refers to the investigation of the criminal offense against life to the detriment of the injured party, David Dragičević from Banja Luka.

At the same time, the case covers several persons for actions against official duty that can be related to the commission of a criminal offense against life to the detriment of the injured party, as well as failure to report the committed criminal offense, stated the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.

Twenty-one-year-old David Dragicevic disappeared on March 18th, and his body was found at the confluence of the rivers Crkvena and Vrbas, in the center of Banja Luka, three years ago, on March 24th.

After the discovery, there was a conference by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Republika Srpska (RS) on March 26th, at which was said the young man’s death was caused by drowning and that there were no elements of a crime.

This was followed by mass protests due to serious suspicions of parents and friends that allegations of accidental death were false, and under public pressure, the Banja Luka District Prosecutor’s Office issued an order three months later to investigate unknown perpetrators on suspicion of murder, and also a special team that was supposed to work on this case was formed.

An indictment has been filed against Mikica Marijanac and Zoran Bosnjak, crime technicians at the Banja Luka Police Administration, on suspicion of destroying evidence in the case of the murder of David Dragicevic. Also, the police has filed a criminal complaint against pathologist Zeljko Karan for a false toxicological result, ie his claims that LSD, marijuana, and alcohol were found in the blood and urine of the murdered David Dragicevic, which turned out to be incorrect.

Since the process yielded no results, mass protests continued in the months after. Those who were present were arrested for the demonstrations, including David Dragicevic’s mother and father. Transparency International reacted to the behavior of the police in Banja Luka, so they filed a criminal complaint against the MIA of RS for the violent suppression of the protests.

Davor Dragicevic then filed a criminal complaint to SIPA against Dragan Lukac, Darko Culum, Darko Ilic, Nedeljko Lubura, Djordje Radjen, and others for organized criminal during which they wanted to cover up evidence in the case of the murder of David Dragicevic.

After months of unsuccessful fighting and playing “cat and mouse” with the MIA of RS, the parents of David Dragicevic, together with his remains, went to Austria, where they buried him. Several more protests were held in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, but no progress has been made when it comes to the investigation.

Recently, “David’s Heart” was returned to the square in Banja Luka, which had been placed in his memory before, but it was removed.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the discovery of David Dragicevic’s body, his father addressed the public on Wednesday, Klix.ba writes.

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