BiH political leader, EU official hail the Importance of Europe Day

Europe Day is perceived as one of the most important moments in the modern European history, theHead of the EU delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Lars-Gunnar Wigemark pointed out on Wednesday in Mostar, some 130 kilometres southwest of BiH’s capital Sarajevo.

Europe Day and Day of Victory over fascism was marked at the newly renovated Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar, sending some strong messages that hail the importance of the day and values of peace, unity, freedom and democracy.

After paying respect to brave women and men of Mostar who gave their lives during the Second World War fighting for the same fundamental values that Europe Day stands for: freedom, equality and dignity, Wigemark noted the importance of the day.

He added that five years after the Second World War, the gesture of French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman calling his German counterpart to discuss, opened the epoch of reconciliation and cooperation.

Wigemark pointed out that he is impressed by the newly renovated famous monument at the Partisan Memorial Cemetery, and that it is a symbol of common value for Mostar, BiH and all of Europe.

For his part, BiH Chairman of Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic remembered people of BiH who defeated fascism in the Second World War, adding that it is important to mark the day as the one which made the fundamental values on which all modern societies are built.

Zvizdic hailed the importance of the place where the Victory over Fascism and Europe Day is marked, saying that May 9 is celebrated as the day when the unification of Europe began.

“From this important place, we send a message that we have always been a part of the European family of people and that we will soon become a regular member,” Zvizdic said.

Europe Day marks the presentation of the Schuman Declaration in 1950, which anticipated the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, the precursor to the European Union.

Sarajevo Times

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