BiH Physicists at Olympics in Copenhagen

KOPENHAGENA team of physicists from BiH won at the 44th international Olympics in physics one bronze and three medals of honor, announced yesterday in Copenhagen.

The team of physicists that participated at the world’s biggest competition for 15 years is led by prof. dr. Rajfa Musemić from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo, and at this year’s Olympics the BiH team achieved one of the best results.

The bronze medal was won by Nudžeim Selimović, student from the third class of the international high school from Sarajevo.

Slavko Ivanović won the honorary medals from the high school in Zvornik, Suad Krilašević from the second gymnasium in Sarajevo and Enes Kriještorac from the first Bosniak high school in Sarajevo.

83 countries participate at the Olympics, and every country had 5 competitors. There were 390 participants in total.

According to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, this result to young BIH physicists is a huge success, given that the tasks were difficult and no one won all points.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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