BiH not to expel Russian Diplomats, Situation to be closely monitored

March 28, 2018 8:00 AM

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Igor Crnadak, confirmed that BiH will not expel Russian diplomats for poisoning spies in the territory of the UK.

Crnadak stated there was no initiatives on declaring any of Russian diplomats in BiH as a persona non-grata or unwelcome person.

“We are paying a lot of attention to this case and especially to repercussions that it has on diplomatic relations between the UK and Russia. However, there were no formal requests submitted. Regardless of that, I believe that the situation is quite clear to us,” noted Minster Crnadak.

He also noted that the activities regarding the expulsion of Russian diplomats are not a unique stand of the EU and that so far, a total of 14 member states of the EU decided to adopt the measure of expelling diplomats.

“We express our concern about the emergence of such a dangerous chemical weapon and the fact that it has been used on the territory of Europe. We definitely would not start activities such as the expulsion of diplomats,” noted Minister of Foreign Affairs Crnadak.

To recall, numerous European countries and the US adopted a decision according to which more than 100 Russian diplomats will be expelled in a response to the attack with a nerve gas on a former Russian officer in the UK at the beginning of the month.

Australia decided to join these measures, and it will expel two Russian diplomats. The authorities of Australia noted that they will undertake some additional measures, such as boycotting the Football World Championships in Russia, which is planned to take place this year.

This is the largest expulsion of Russian diplomats from Western countries since the Cold War.

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