BiH National Monument Pasica Tower on sale?

There is an open ad for sale of Pasica Tower that is located on Bivolje Brdo near Capljina for almost a year, which is an architectural whole under the protection of the state.

The seller of this valuable monument requested 195, 000 BAM, and it is stated in the detailed description that the garden and the supporting objects are included in the offer.

“The building occupied a total of 150 square meters of space on three floors, i.e. the ground floor and two upper floors, and there are accompanying facilities included: a summer kitchen on about 50 square meters and a little paved garden on 70 square meters”, as noted in the ad.

The seller also noted that the real estate is suitable for living and there is also the possibility of cultivating some Mediterranean species. Moreover, it was added that it can be adapted into a ethno village, hotel, motel… They added that this building is under the state protection and that financial support from the state during restoration is possible.

Dinka Pasic made the sale ad, and she noted that the property is owned by a member of her family and that they would like to sell Pasica Tower to someone who could restore it and return its original appearance.

History says that Pasica Kula is a residential building from the period of Ottoman rule at Bivolje Brdo, in the settlement of Kevcici, the Municipality of Capljina. It was built in the 16thcentury. It was a residential building, and it had a defensive role together with Fazil’s Tower on the other end of the settlement. It is considered as the residential type of feudal tower, and it has been declared as national monument on January 20, 2006.

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