BiH must take responsibility for closing down the Registry

bihEvropa_puzzleClosing down the Registry is an important step for BIH judiciary, because it show that the country must take full responsibility in order to ensure independent and functional judiciary that fights against crime and guarantees basic rights to all citizen, said Delegation of the EU to BIH.

They noted that the Registry stopped doing its main task in December last year, when the international and domestic staff left, and now the six-month period of closing is coming to an end.

Several donor countries, will continue to give support to BiH Court and PO and other judicial institutions of BiH through the new stage of partnership with BiH in ensuring the efficient administration of justice for the citizens of BiH.

Delegation of the EU to BIH noted that BiH governments now have the responsibility to consolidate its capacities and to continue improving the results, to take full responsibility and ensure further function of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office with adequate human and financial resources.

‘International donor call the competent institutions and politicians at all levels to jointly strengthen the rule of law in BIH, to ensure continuity in prosecuting war criminals, to strengthen the fight against corruption and organised crime, with the aim of supporting judicial institutions in the entire BiH, especially at the state level, and avoiding any action that undermine these institutions and overall progress’, said Delegation of the EU to BIH.

Since it was founded in 2004, the Registry of the Court and PO BiH had a crucial role in giving administrative services, and it has directed the financial aid of the International Community to these institutions.

International donor have given more than 60 million of EUR of help to BIH Judiciary from the period 2004-2012.

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