BiH Moving in Education Reform According to European Standards

studenti ii (1)The Agency for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH, in cooperation with partners from Slovenia, organized a conference called “Reform processes of education in BiH and experiences in the EU”.

The conference was organized in the framework of the Twinning Project of the European Commission to BiH and experiences with international experts in the area of making changes to the educational system were exchanged.

Results after 15 months of work on this project were presented. Reform processes in education in BiH and experiences from the EU were presented.

“For the first time in BiH, there is mutual cooperation on the core curriculum based on the teachings of the endpoints and facilities, in order to ensure the long-term knowledge that students can apply in their loves, and not to study only for the sake of grades. We worked on the preparations, the implementation of guidelines for the preparation of education, for the moment when BiH expresses willingness to enter the process’’, announced the Agency for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH Maja Stojkić.

The emphasis on these reforms is for teachers in schools to not use only textbooks, and that more needs to be done for adaptation of curricula and processes.

The Director of the Institute for Education of Slovenia Gregor Mohorčić spoke of customization. He said that every reform is implemented with difficulty, and it was this way in Slovenia.

“The BIH Agency will give recommendations, and whoever is responsible for education has to implement it. Experts for education in BiH are interested for the Twinning Project. What is being done in BiH was finished in Slovenia several years ago, and international experts came to help us.

The program is being implemented, and we are solving the problems well and currently we are in a dilemma on whether foreign languages should begin from the first or second grade of elementary school’’, explained Mohorčić.

The Strategic Head of the Lifelong Learning Educational Program of Scotland-Great Britain Alan Armstrong argues that in BiH it is necessary to make significant changes in education.

“The process of change depends on the children, teachers, parents and the entire educational system. If this does not function well, children in BiH will not be ready for further education. It is incredibly important for children in elementary and high schools to be well prepared for graduation, and this will succeed if the European trends in education are followed’’, said Armstrong.

(Source: Fena)

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