BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Spoke With Anne Richard

Lagumdzija - Richard 1The Deputy Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers and the BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija spoke yesterday in Sarajevo with the Assistant State Secretary of the US for Population, Refugees and Migration Anne Richard.

During the meeting Lagumdžija spoke with the Assistant State Secretary on the current political and economic situation in the country, and said that BiH devotes much attention to the development of regional cooperation that is essential for the development of the country and to strengthen its European and Euro Atlantic integration.

Richard pointed out that the US attached great attention to the Program of Regional Housing and a permanent solution to the problem of refugees and displaced peoples in the region, and that it would continue to offer financial support so that in cooperation with relevant BiH institutions this program would be successfully implemented and completed.

Minister Lagumdžija expressed gratitude for the support of the US and said that the efforts that the US invests are more than evident. He assessed that without US support, the program of support would not be successfully implemented until the end and as one of the problems that plagues sustainable return is lack of employment for returnees.

He stressed that further support from the US is necessary and very important for the further development of BiH and that a permanent and sustainable resolution for the issue of refugees and displaced peoples is an important aspect for ‘common society’, especially in BiH that was the best example throughout history.

“If this concept cannot succeed in BiH, in the heart of Europe, then the question should be asked where can it succeed’’, said Lagumdžija.

At the end of the meeting, Lagumdžija thanked her for the visit and overall support of the US to BiH and welcomed the intention of the Assistant State Secretary Richards to participate in the commemoration and burial of the victims of Srebrenica on 11 July 2013 in Potočari, announced the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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