BiH Innovators produced Machine that destroys explosive Ordnance left from the War

The testing of a machine for removing plants and destroying explosive ordnance left from the war, the product of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s experts at the Technical Overhaul Institute in Bratunac, is underway in Brod.  The machine is the “last word of technology”, made for the needs of the ministry for the construction and some Arab countries are also interested in buying this machine.

After final construction, the machine will be engaged in the construction and repair of water defense systems, as inadequate drainage canals and embankments, in the event of major floods, caused enormous damage to the economy and agriculture of Republika Srpska entity.

“The purpose of the machine is to remove vegetation where there is a danger of explosive ordnance left behind from the war, specifically on water protection structures, which are planned to be reconstructed,” said Dragan Kos, Assistant Director of the Republic Civil Protection Administration.

The test period of the MH 17 machine is good for the municipality of Brod, in which some areas have not been maintained for a long period of time, nor can it be claimed with certainty that the area is safe from mines. The value of the work performed by members of the Republican Civil Protection Administration on this machine is about 15,000 BAM, significant budget savings for Brod Municipality, eKapija reports.

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