CMBEBIH 2017: BiH hosted the Scientific Elite

March 17, 2017 8:00 PM

CMMBIH1The International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (CMBEBIH 2017), which is the largest conference of this kind in Southeast Europe, was officially opened in hotel Hills and it will last until the 18th of March 2017.

The conference CMBEBIH gathered 500 people from 37 countries worldwide, including the most prominent world’s experts in the field of biomedical engineering, signals and systems, nanotechnology, biomaterials, genetics, and clinical and neural engineering, as stated at the press conference.

“We were working on this conference for the entire last year and we have eight speakers who are renowned names in their fields in the world. These are Nesrin Hasirci, Christopher James, Ervin Sejdic, Vesna Maras, Ernesto Ladanza, Sefik Suzer, Tomislav Milenkovic and Shankar Krishnan,” said Almir Badnjevic, the chairman and president of this conference. He noted that a total of 120 scientific papers will be presented during these three days, and their publication will be done by one of the largest world publishers, Springer.

Ervin Sejdic from the University of Pittsburgh, one of the keynote speakers of the conference, and widely known as the winner of last year’s Obama award for one of the best scientists in the past decade, said that organization of this kind of the event is not a small thing to do.

“Things in BiH exist, they happen and progress. The thing is in the perception of people who are living here, whether they will appreciate it or not. In the United States and Canada, it is always the one person or group of people who take an initiative and make a boom. So I hope that this conference will have even 140 countries participating in several years,” stated Sejdic, and added that the question of success and development is not always a question of the state, but a person and its resistance.

He said that there are many opportunities for the development of science and research in BiH, maybe even more than in the systems that have already been established such as the US or Canada.

“There’s a lot more freedom here to actually create something new and unusual. Just a small change in the mentality of people is enough to achieve significant results,” said Sejdic.

In the next three days, participants of the conference will have the opportunity to hear about three industry panels, which will be led by some of the most successful people from BiH who are working in the world with the aim to create a foundation for scholarships for people, fund start-up companies and establish the first business angels.



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