BiH Has A Chance to Become A WTO Member in December

wtoBIH has a good chance to receive membership to the World Trade Organization (WTO), announced the Director of the Secretariat in the WTO Čiedu Osakve

He said that the chances for BiH to become a member are great.

“A lot of work has been done, many bilateral agreements that had to be agreed on have already been agreed on, and there are still some left. In addition, we have more than 200 laws that have been adopted and most of them have been laid out already’’, said Osavke for “Oslobođenje”.

According to him, what is left is to finalize the details of the specific language when it comes to trade rights, public procurement and agriculture.

“From a global perspective, it is very important that the US and the EU, that represent two key actors, support the accession of BiH to this organization and to promote, encourage and lobby for this accession’’, concluded Osavke.

The ministerial conference that would decide BiH’s accession will be held in December.


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