BiH got Ten New National Monuments

national monumentsTwo stone reliefs, one with the figure of a man and other with the city crest are newly declared national monuments in  the Bihac municipality. In the region of Konjic, those are three necropolis from which two are with tombstones (Jasenice – Argud and Kunja – Argud) and the third one with tombstones at the site Muzga.

In the Centar municipality, the historical building Napredak’ s place (Building of the Croatian cultural association “Napredak“ – Napredak’s foundation home) in Titova street at the number 65, and the architectural ensemble of the power station in Hiseta street (Mariin Dvor) are declared as national monuments.

In the municipality Foca – Ustikolina, historical site Modro polje is declared as the national monument and in Jajce it is the historic monumental building of the train station Sipad (ex Steinbeiss station).

Site and remains of the historical monument of Ljubuncici (Teskeredzici) tower in Voljice is the newly declared national monument of BiH in Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje municipality.

The commission announced a ceremony on 10th March in the Building of Institutions of BiH in Sarajevo on the occasion of successfully completion of the project of serial nomination of tombstones for inclusion at the World Heritage List of UNESCO and the submission of the Nomination dossier and the management plan to Paris and obtaining the confirmation that the nomination meets standards.

This project is one of the most complex documents in the field of architectural heritage. In its preparation, neighboring countries Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia are included as well. The process of tombstones nomination started in November 2009 in Sarajevo.



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