BiH fulfils the Last Condition for WTO Membership

Yesterday, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) gave its consent for the adoption of the Decision on the quality of liquid fuels in BiH, confirmed for "Avaz" the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of FBiH Nermin Dzindic.

Decision on the quality of liquid fuels

He added that the adoption of the Decision on the quality of liquid fuels was the last condition that BiH had to meet in order to become a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

”The decision was not agreed between the two entities, which was a brake on its adoption by the BiH Council of Ministers. There were obstacles between FBiH and Republika Srpska regarding the manner of making decisions and regarding the quality of liquid fuels on the BiH market,” Dzindic pointed out.

According to him, the consent of the FBiH Government has already been sent to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Stasa Kosarac.

Recommendations of the European Energy Community

”He will send it to the European Energy Community (EEC), but the Decision was made in accordance with their recommendations. After that, it will become final, and the last obstacle for BiH's accession to the World Trade Organization has been removed. We should not even talk about the benefits of full membership in the WTO,” concluded Dzindic.

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