BiH Foreign Minister expects Vucic to distance himself from Vulin’s Statements

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Bisera Turkovic, reacted to statements that could be heard the other day by Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin, on the “unification of the Serbian world” and expressed the expectation that Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia, would immediately distance himself from such statements.

“If he does not do that, it will only confirm that his and Serbia’sofficial policy is to bring down the Dayton Peace Agreement, and which aims to annex parts of BiH to Serbia,” Turkovic wrote on Facebook.

According to her, Vulin’s statement in which he decisively said that the unification of Serbs means a “single state” is a flagrant violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement, destabilization of the entire Western Balkans region, and an ominous threat to the BiH citizens who defended themselves from aggression and genocide 26 years ago.

”Such rhetoric makes all the statements and policies of Serbian President Vucic in which he claims that Serbia wants peace and good neighborly relations with BiH meaningless. On the contrary, Vulin’s statements are the best indicator of the destabilization of the region, the blockade, and obstruction of the European path of BiH, but also of other countries in the region. BiH will officially inform all states that are guarantors of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council on these Vulin’s statements, ” told Turkovic.


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