BiH Footballer is Mina Raiola’s Client

Mino Raiola is one of the most famous football agents and his update client list is really impressive. And on it is the name of one footballer from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Interestingly, that’s not a widely popular to the domestic audience, but it is someone who is known to the selector of our national team. His name is Boba Lazic and according to Transfermarkt, besides BiH citizenship, he has Serbian citizenship. He was born in Holland in 1994 and he played one match for our youth national team while Vlado Jagodic led it.

He played for Ajax and Olympiacos, but he’s currently a free agent. Despite major connections in the football world, Raiola isn’t having much luck finding him a permanent employer so, after playing for several minor league teams, he’s preparing himself for a new adventure.

Another of Mina Raiola’s clients is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is also a Bosnian.

Raiola was born in 1967 in Italy, but he grew up in Holland with his family. He spent a lot of time in the family restaurant where he met “serious football.” He starting working in a local club as a sports director, but soon realized that the future of football is “rich” so he started working as an agent.


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