BiH Flag raised in he Paraolympic village in Pyeongchang

Yesterday morning in the Paraolympic village in Pyeongchang, along with the melody of the hymn, a flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was raised.

The ceremony was attended by four members of the BiH sports delegation, as well as the mayor of PyoengChang Ryu Seung Minu who warmly welcomed BH Paralympic team and exchanged gifts with chief of BH Paralympic Committee Osman Handzic.

BH Paralympics Ilma Kazazic currently continues her training sessions and preparations for the formal opening of the 12th Winter Paralympics Games, that is scheduled on Friday at 20:00 local time (12:00 o’clock Central European Time).

Ilma Kazazic will compete in slalom and veleslalom disciplines, and will also hold the BiH flag at the opening ceremony.



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