BiH Export to Pakistan can amount to more than 100 Million BAM?

Nedim MakarevicPrime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, who arrived in a three-day official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, was officially welcomed in front of the building of the institutions of BiH, after which he met with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdić.

According to the BiH Ambassador to Pakistan Nedim Makarević, a lot is expected from this visit, especially from the business forum that will be held tomorrow.

“This visit means a lot because Pakistan is a friendly country which helped BiH in earlier years, and the most recent help from Pakistan came after the floods,” said Makarević.

Makarević also added that with 813 square kilometers of surface area, 200 million residents and around 300 nuclear warheads Pakistan is a major force and a friend of BiH that must be respected.

“There are possibilities for development of trade, textile and food industry, but primarily defense industry,” said Makarević.

Makarević said that in 2013 the export from BiH to Pakistan amounted to 100.000 BAM and now it amounts to 10 million BAM. However, it can increase to as much as 100 million BAM. Makarević said that everything can be agreed on the highest level between officials of the two countries and those possibilities are realistic.


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