BiH declares State of Natural Disaster over Wildfires

July 22, 2017 1:00 PM

Authorities in Jablanica, 100 km southwest from BiH’s capital Sarajevo, have declared state of natural disaster due to wildfires raging actively for a week, local media reported here Friday.

The competent authorities demanded all administrative departments to make all resources available for rescue operations.

For 36 hours, three helicopters of the Armed Forces of BiH are extinguishing wildfires from Thursday morning, throwing 312 tons of water, a press release of the Armed Forces BiH cabinet reads.

“In the early morning hours, from the Air Force Brigade and in accordance with approved procedures, three helicopters were sent to continue providing assistance to civilian authorities in the fire fighting in BiH”, the Armed Forces of BiH said.

There are no casualties reported in the wildfires so far. Fire brigades and 150 people who are working at full capacity, have not been able to get the fire under control.

The declared state of natural disaster was caused by the large fires that affected the Jablanica area on June 24 and made great material damage, said Majda Kovac, spokesperson of the Federal Civil Protection Administration, to a local media.

Wildfires at the Cvrsnica Mountain had not been shut down from the very beginning due to the multiple explosions of the landmines that the fire had activated. Due to the high temperatures of the fire, it has expanded to several kilometers and extinguishing is hampered by the relatively inaccessible terrain that prevents access to the vehicles.


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