BiH couple got identical Triplets, one in 200 million Births in the World

Young couple from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) got identical triplets, something that occurs only once in every 200 million births, local media reported Saturday late night.

Young woman Anamarija Martinovic gave birth to three baby girls named Antea, Izabela and Renea in the capital Sarajevo, and the babies are currently at the intensive care unit.

Proud father Blazenko Blaska Martinovic said that everything went in the best order and that mother and babies are fine.

Birth of triplets frequently occurs in the world, however birth of identical triplets is a real medical sensation and occurs once in 200 million pregnancies. What is rare about the pregnancy is that the original egg splits into two and one of the cells splits again, and all three are developed without deformities. In most cases, only two of three triplets are identical siblings in most cases

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