BiH Companies invited to return to Libya?

libijaMohamed Siala, MInister of Foreign Affairs of Libya, held a meeting with the Ambassador of BiH to thsi country Ibrahim Efendić this week.

Siala invited BiH companies active on the projects of oil sector to return to this country, confirmed the Ambassador Efendić. Efendić says that the Libyans are familiar with the decades-long operations of BiH companies in this country and they want to strengthen the economic cooperation.

Efendić says he regularly visits companies from BiH that work on projects in Libya.

“Our companies have been present here for years and there was a halt in 2011, which was expected. Some companies, however, never stopped working here, such as Energoinvest, Širbegović, Bosna S and Bosna Petroleum, which are active in oil projects,” Efendić said.

The Libyan media also reported on the meeting of the BiH Ambassador and the Minister Siala, stating that the local government strives to attract commpanies from smaller countries that would be willing to tolerate safety risks, unlike major companies from European countries.

Commenting on these allegations, Ambassador Efendić says that safety risks are not entirely eliminated, but that situation is going for the better.

“There are locations in Libya which are safe and jobs should be searched for there. For example, Energoinvest has a project in the Free Zone of Misrata, and so does Bosna Petroleum. Just like them, the company Bosna S should also launch a project in this city,” Efendić said.


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