BiH Civil Protection Administration warns Citizens on stormy Weather

Due to the high probability of a sudden and severe stormy weather, the Cantonal Civil Protection Administration of Canton Sarajevo (KUCZ) on Wednesday recommended Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) citizens to take preventive measures, KUCZ press release stated Wednesday.

KUCZ warned BiH citizens on the high probability of abundant rainfall, thunderstorm and strong winds on the area of Canton Sarajevo (CS) in the next three days.

Severe weather conditions can cause floods and landslides, which is why KUCZ recommends all legal and physical persons in BiH to immediately take legally prescribed measures to protect the health and life of people, material and cultural goods.

Legal persons are urged to timely prepare and organize their civil protection force and necessary equipment for efficient and prompt response to the natural disasters, press statement said.

When it comes to physical persons, KUCZ recommends them to carry out personal and joint protection of citizens, as well as their material goods.

CS Cantonal Civil Protection Administration especially called on civil protection services located in CS to immediately put their forces of protection and rescue into standby in order to promptly answer on potential severe weather in the area of their municipalities.

Sarajevo Times

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