BIH Chief Prosecutor Met With US Ambassador to BIH

tuzilastvo-bih-2The Chief Prosecutor of BIH Goran Salihović received today in a farewell visit the Ambassador of the US to BIH Patrick Moon.

Ambassador Moon expressed the support in strengthening the capacity of processing war crimes cases, as well as plans and activities of the BIH Prosecution to strengthen the capacity and increase the number of prosecutors, and the transfer to a new building with enough space for the work of the BIH Prosecution office employees.

Ambassador Moon also said that they would continue to support an independent judiciary, the courts and prosecutors offices, which is one of the goals of the US government.

Salihović said that the increase in the number of prosecutors would strengthen the capacity building assistance in effective prosecution of war crimes, organized crime and corruption, and he thanked the Ambassador of the US in BIH for the continued support of the US government to the BIH Prosecutor’s Office and strengthening the rule of law in our country and expressed hope that cooperation would continue.

Chief Prosecutor Salihović wished Ambassador Moon much success and luck in the continuation of his diplomatic career, announced the BIH Prosecutor’s Office.

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