BiH can have great Benefit from the formation of European Defense Forces

November 20, 2017 8:00 AM

Representatives of 23 member states of the EU signed a pact on the formation of joint European Defense Forces on Monday, but that idea is that dating back from the 1950’s, as stated by experts in the sector of defense and security.

The final signing of the pact is planned for the month of December, and this is the first time that states expressed their desire in written form to form joint European forces and increase the allocation of funds for defense. The establishment of a fund in the amount of five billion EUR is planned as well.

“Although it is still unknown whether it will be an army or declared forces like NATO, BiH started to implement it in a certain way even before this decision by sending two soldiers to the Mission of Prevention of Crisis under the auspices of the EU which is held on the basis of the Agreement on military cooperation that was signed by BiH and the EU in 2015,” stated Hadzovic.

Since BiH is committed to the membership of EU, it will have to adapt to the foreign policy of the EU and realize closer cooperation with the EU in economic, defense, military, intelligence and police terms.

When it comes to the five billion EUR worth fund, Prof. Smajic noted that this is primarily a development project, i.e. the fund will be used for joint research in the field of defense.

“In this context, we can agree with the chief secretary of NATO that this fund, or “European defense will not be a competition to the alliance, but a complementary partner,” said Prof. Smajic.

The pact was signed by all members except the UK and Denmark, which is exempt from the defense issues, as well as Ireland, Portugal, and Malta. Austria joined the agreement in the last minute. NATO also supported this agreement.



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