Positive Story: They bought a Wedding Suit and furnished a House for their Colleague

The initiator of humanitarian activity in the coal mine “Ugljevik”, the “B” shift, renovated and furnished the old house of their colleague Slavisa Rikic, in order to help him to start his married life.

While working the third shift, tired of the relocation of cables and other works, Slavisa Rikic told his colleagues that he is planning to get married.

Knowing that he is the only one of eight family members who is working, with the contract on temporary and occasional employment, his colleagues decided to first buy him a suit.

Then they told everything to their manager Milenko Jovic, they explained to him that he is an honest and hardworking young man who is living in a small house with seven other family members.

They first collected some money, and then, after the first or third shift in the mine, they worked on the house of their colleague almost every day, for two and a half months.

They dug canals, brought water, completed the bathroom, floors, walls, tiles, they set up the stairs, changed the gutters, repaired the roof, and bought a washing machine and furniture for one room.

Thus, a young couple got a renovated house and all basic things that are necessary for a decent life.

Workers of “B” shift, with a bit of good will and love, helped their colleague and, as they said, they will continue to help him.

Slavisa Rikic thanked all of his colleagues for their help, as well as to the union and the coal mine “Ugljevik”, who participated in this great action with symbolic amounts of money.

Shift “B” should be an example to all the other people on how to look at each other and to remind them that solidarity among colleagues is more than necessary.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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