BiH to become a serious Player on European Market in the Production of Hazelnuts

BiH could become a serious player in the European market when it comes to the production of hazelnuts and walnuts. However, in order to do this, it is necessary to undertake certain measures that include everything from the analysis to the preparation of the land. The agronomist Edham Hodzic confirmed this, and explained that the cultivation of hazelnuts and walnuts can have a prospective, if we know  and respect measures of cultivation.

He also noted a great demand for hazelnuts in the confectionery industry as a large advantage. Recently, the cosmetic industry is also increasingly using the tincture of hazelnuts.

Hodzic is not worried for the placement, because besides the confectionery and cosmetic industry, hazelnut oil is also used by modern motor and airline industry.

“The benefits of hazelnuts are also reflected in its preservation. You do not have to sell it immediately, it can be stored for up to a year with a solid logistics and we can wait for the best price on the market,” noted Hodzic.

The education of farmers already started in the Una Sana Canton. Education and training already took place in several cities including: Bihac, Cazin, Bosanska Krupa, Buzim, and Velika Kladusa.

“We want to set the rules, in order to know where is the place of logistics and expertise, and thus we will not have any problems, because all the prepositions are saying that we can succeed in this. I am hoping that the successful story from Krajina will be extended to the entire area of BiH,” stated Hodzic.


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