BiH to become New Migrant Route for the EU?

Migrants pass through Macedonia on way to EUAfter the earlier migrant routes that were leading from Serbia via Hungary and Croatia got secured, migrants are finding their salvation and the way to Western Europe are increasingly looking through BiH, and only in the last seven days at the border crossing Raca was discovered 15 of them, originally from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For illustration, in the whole 2016, out of 218 attempts to illegally cross the border, there were less than 20 people originating from countries from which they migrate, and they tried to get to the EU over BiH.

Last discovered cases of attempted illegal entries in BiH were recorded at the border crossing Raca at Bijeljina, where members of the Border Police caught seven young men from Pakistan who tried to cross the border.

“After the Western Balkan routes were got under control, migrants from Serbia are trying to reach the countries of the European Union in not so large number over BiH, but the fact is that their number has increased,” said the source close to the Border police.

According to the Border Police, the most frequent attempts to cross the border of BiH usually happen near Bijeljina, and there were also cases recorded near Visegrad, but also in Bileca and Trebinje, where migrants from Montenegro were trying to reach Europe across BiH.

“There is an increased level of risk that these areas could be intensely affected by illegal immigration in the coming period after earlier migrant routes have been significantly secured,” said Kulic.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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