BiH to become an important Partner of Volkswagen?

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH Mirsad Jasarspahic, took over an office within the Innovation Campus of Wolfsburg AG for the needs of the Group of Automotive Industry. The office was taken over within the project “Development of the Automotive Industry of FBiH”.

This was preceded by the signing of a contract between the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH and Wolfsburg AG regarding the conditions and way of the use of the aforementioned office, as well as other infrastructure that is available within the campus.

Wolfsburg AG is owned by Volkswagen and the city of Wolfsburg, and one of the operating areas of this company is the support for companies that are dealing with the production of automotive components.

The main goal of this activity is to secure conditions for the intensive and institutional presence of the representative of Group of Automotive Industry through partnership relation with the Innovation Campus of Wolfsburg AG, and for creation of the preconditions for a more important participation of BH manufacturers in the production of automotive parts in Volkswagen but also in other German car manufacturers.

The project “Development of Automotive Industry of FBiH” is implemented by the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH, and it is recognized and supported by the Government of FBiH.

Due to the significance and potential of BH automotive industry, the takeover of the office and the meeting regarding further activities on the project was attended by representatives of the Foreign Investments Promotion Agency in BiH (FIPA), at which they presented the potential and experience of business development with BH producers, thus emphasizing the full systematic and institutional framework of the support.





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